floor and counter mats

We refer to our nitrile rubber floor mats as "spectaculars". We use this term due to the amazing resolution and vibrant color potential with this medium. The mats themselves are nitrile rubber with a polyester face permanently adhered to the face of the rubber. We dye sublimate your custom image onto the polyester face. This is not surface printing but rather "dyeing" the polyester fibers. The fabric allows for breathtaking image quality. As for sizes, it varies by material type, but typically we offer 24" x 30", 30" x 36", and 35" x 59". These sizes come with a ¾" rubber border. With custom sizes, borders are typically not available. They can be seamed together to cover any size, though seamless ranges as large as 5 ft x 50 ft depending on the material chosen.

17 ½" Round Nitrile
15 ft round "T-Mobile" Event Mat
Nitrile Rubber 30"x 36" in Liquor Store
14" x 24" Nitrile Rubber
Die Cut Sunburst
Mat 5
Nitrile Rubber 24"x 30"


Spectaculars are installed easily without special glues or adhesives. They can be relocated with ease. They can be cleaned with a mop, vacuum, or pressure washer with no negative impact on the image.

Spectaculars will aid in the design and execution of an effective marketing and advertising strategy, by delivering your sales message from another vantage point. If you look at the picture below of our Tradeshow Booth, you can see the potential impact of coordinating vertical signage with images on the floor. Imagine retail displays that place a product in its environment!