banner blanks

Our core business has been providing high quality, custom banner blanks to the Sign Industry for many years. We have used Snyder Manufacturing exclusively as our source for 13 oz. vinyl. Their banner vinyl has been manufactured 100% in America. In fact, we are their master distributor for the Northeastern States. We feel their material is superior because it has a flexible, rubbery feel which helps in terms of "cold crack" as well as excellent vinyl graphic receptivity. We also source our 10 and 18 oz vinyls from another US manufacturer. Again, we feel their vinyls are as high quality as is available. Despite using the highest quality vinyl, our banner blank pricing is competitive with all the major competitors. We carry over 50 different color / weight combinations. This allows you to provide your customer as wide an array of banner blank options as is available. We also offer "matching thread" which is unavailable from most of our competition. Our heatsealing capabilities offer you the potential of any size banner blank without sewn seams. This can be invaluable when applying cut vinyl. It can also reduce the amount of cut vinyl you need to apply by having us weld different colors of vinyl together. Our sign shrouds and over-the-street banner blanks are second to none. We actually had one 25 footer that was pulled down twice by Tractor Trailers.pulling the cables out without damaging the banner! For details on deploying over-the-street banners please click here . Our name is Custom Banner & Media for a reason..we specialize in "custom" banners. Many of the competitors only want the standard rectangular banners. We like these as well, but enjoy the challenge of some of the more creative minds in this Sign Industry. As for service, unless it is a particularly challenging order, custom banner blank orders in by noontime are shipped that same day.

As we all know, our industry has changed dramatically over the past few years and will continue to do so. The growing use of solvent and ecosolvent digital printers, combined with the lower cost of media and inks, has obviously impacted the flexible signage market and therefore the use of banner blanks. It seems clear to us that, due to the inefficiencies associated with attempting to digitally print small, short run banners, there will be a strong market for the smaller "cut vinyl" banners for the foreseeable future. Strategically, sign shops without digital printing capabilities may want to push their customers toward smaller width banners to preserve their competitive advantage. Having said this, it seems clear to us that there is a much greater threat to cut vinyl flexible signage than digital printers. That threat is the way most banners are displayed and utilized.

It is our opinion that, since most banners are hung by the "retailer" rather than the sign shop, the effectiveness of this advertising medium is significantly compromised. If I were a retailer and did not get significant response from my banners, I would probably not source them as often as I might if I got a great response. People are creatures of habit. They tend to become oblivious to the "same" in their daily routine. This can provide great opportunity to "Marketers" by frequently changing messages / colors / location etc. All too often we see banners deployed in the same location for months if not longer. What a waste of valuable promotional space! If you are able to prove this concept to your customers, imagine the extra business you both generate!